Two Steps To A Better Trade Show...
Step 1: Show up late - Let us set up your booth
  •  Send your booth to the show via courier.
  •  We set up your booth - you relax.
  •  We send you a photo so you know it's done.
Step 2: Go home early - Let us pack up your booth
  •  Send your booth to the show via courier.
  •  We meet your booth at the show.
  •  We set up your booth at the show, while you relax.
  •  Once your booth is set up, we send you a photo to confirm it's done.
Spend more time with your customers and less with your booth.
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Save Money - Less Stress - No Sweat
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What customers say about us...
“SetUpYourBooth made the whole experience 
easy and enjoyable.”
– M. Hilliard

Focus on your customers,
not your booth.
“Thank you SUYB for the great work on our behalf. 
Wish we had used you before.”
– G. Collins, IBM

Fantastic service! We will definitely use you again.”
– D. Lowens, Freshstone

“As soon as the show ended I went home to a hot bath to relax. Worth every penny. ”
– C. Drouin, O.M.T.T
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Canada & USA - All major cities

International - Brazil, Germany
Toll Free: 1 (855) 888-2407
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